untitled gideon short

about the film

This is a small section for the log line of the film. Don't go crazy with all your "words" and "paragraphs" and such.

the team

dimestore films | directors


Christian Gridelli and Hunter Norris make up the duo that is DimeStore Films. With a released feature film and ___ successful shorts under their belts, they're the indie darlings of several film festivals. 


This project is a proof of concept for their upcoming horror feature. 

Nick shamblott | cinematographer


Nick was the cinematographer on various narrative films, which have been featured at THE CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, THE REELING LGBTQ FILM FESTIVAL, THE CHICAGO COMEDY FILM FESTIVAL and many more. Since his move to New Orleans he has shot multiple projects, including THE MELANCHOLY MAN, which previewed at the NEW ORLEANS FILM FESTIVAL. It has since gone on to win BEST NARRATIVE JURY PICK at the AUDIENCE AWARDS and was invited to screen at COMIC CON. 

Nick's Reel

sarah clark, csa | producer


Sarah Clark is an Emmy-nominated producer, award winning director, and a member of the Casting Society of America. With years of ad agency production and narrative production behind her she's excited to be working with some of her favorite filmmakers on this scary short.

Sarah's IMDb