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killing irma


She's not sick, she's dying and Irma's decided to off herself, professionally, with the help of her best friend.

Irma has a terminal diagnosis, a plan, and no chill. She decides to inlist her best friend, Betty, to take her across state lines to end it all.

Currently in the festival circuit


Written, directed, and produced by Sarah Clark

Cinematographer - Kendal Miller

Production Designer - Sarah Sharp


Daryl Anisfeld

Sandra Baskin

Sandy Gulliver

Tyler Garamella

Kelly Owens


she, the sunrise

Falling in love is a secret, one that you want to keep hidden for as long as possible. Just between the two of you, where nothing in the world can hurt you or change you. It's quiet, it's safe, it's yours.

When Celeste finds herself in love with a woman for the first time, she has to figure out how to come to terms with her sexuality. More importantly to her, she wants to find a way to talk to the people she loves about who she is without changing their relationship for the worse.

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Written by Sarah Clark and Shaina Schrooten

Produced and directed by Sarah Clark


Associate Producer - Jodi Gage

Cinematographer - Sonia Jordain

Production Designer - Samantha George


Shaina Schrooten

Erin Lovelace 

Ashley Crowe

Robyn Coffin


fresh air

All she wanted was to be left alone...

A solo camping trip turns dark when Cate finds out she's not alone in the woods


Written and Directed by Sarah Clark and Kendal Miller

Produced by Sarah Clark, Matt Jeppsen, and Kendal Miller

Cinematographer - Matt Jeppsen

Production Designer - Kat Pappadatos

Starring Sam Boeck

Coming Soon